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1st December 2015


You are not going to believe this but the idiot Twolegs has taken the biscuit this time. He comes along with his noisy bits and pieces and proceeds to cut down a tree, he then gets it onto the flat bit of kit that he has behind the green thing and clears off. Well, it is usual, if you are a twolegged creature, to cut the tree down then remove the branches then take the main chunk away. What they do with it after that is a bit of a mystery. This time Twolegs has taken the whole tree – branches and stem. I bet he thinks he can stick it in the ground somewhere else and it will grow! Twolegs you idiot, you have left part of it behind. Even I know that it needs its roots and stump to grow. What a clot.

One of the uncles said he did it at this time last year. He’ll never learn.

That was the first we have seen of him for a few days but we are seeing a lot more of Shortlegs. We are not sure about him. Perhaps a little encouragement to show a bit more respect is needed.

Wylde of Chillingham

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