With conservation at the heart of the management of Chillingham, we are conscious of our carbon footprint and climate change. We have 350 acres of mixed age woodland surrounding the actual Park, all of which will be sequestering carbon. The Cattle Park itself covers a further 350 acres, which is a mixture of no-input species rich grassland and wood pasture, grazed by c120 cattle.

During the visitor season, we use two tanks of diesel a month in the Land Rover and we will use a little bit more in the Polaris. We buy no fertiliser or compound feed. We do use a little bit of electricity in the Pavilion and in the Warden’s Cottage. The latter is heated with wood from the Park.

With such a big land area and so few inputs, we must be carbon positive and would love to know for sure. However, carbon science seems to still be in its early stages. There are a number of people offering carbon calculations but which ones will prove to be reliable? Time will tell and then we will embark on an accreditable carbon measuring exercise.