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23rd November 2015


Well the foggy stuff seems to have gone. Strange old business that lark, you can see the hills one moment the next you can’t even see the uncles having a fight. Mind you, you can hear the old horns clattering against each other and the snorting and a few other noises besides, some best not mentioned here.

It is now windy and the leaves have been blown off the trees. Some trees, you may not have noticed – but I have – do not lose their leaves. Now this is probably quite sensible. Imagine you are a tree. You spend ages covering yourself in leaves and for some silly reason later on, the leaves change colour and all fall off. What a waste. I can tell you this, if I grew leaves I would not let them fall off.

It would be like carrying your own tree round with you in the winter- keep the rain off, now there’s a thing.

Wylde (botanist) of Chillingham

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