Specialist Tours

We are now offering specialist photography tours at a cost of £100 for a maximum of 2 people. Larger groups can be accommodated (£50/head, max 5) but only outside normal tour times i.e. post 4.30pm or out of season.

But dont worry if photography is not your thing, we are now offering you the opportunity to get in amongst the Cattle, camera or not, just as Robson Green did. We call these the “Up close and personal tours”, because that is just what they are.

For these tours, the Warden will take you in the Polaris 4×4 right in amongst the Cattle, which you cannot do on foot, and to the far flung parts of the Park.

We host educational visits from primary school stage right through to further education.

We also host specialist groups and welcome farmers, vets and other interested parties from the UK and around the world. These group visits can be tailored to suit and can include catering at the Pavilion.

From time to time through the year, there will be longer walking tours looking at particular areas of interest within the Park as well as the cattle. Potential subjects include trees, fungi, historic structures and bio-diversity. They will be featured on this website.

Please contact the Warden on 01668 215250, or via the contact page, to find out more and book a specialist tour.