Famous Visitors

The Park and its Cattle have long attracted famous visitors. In Victorian times, Charles Darwin took a keen interest as the Cattle did not conform to his theories. The Cattle were painted by Sir Edwin Landseer and Thomas Bewick also depicted them. More recently, the renown cartoonist, Bryn Parry, visited the herd and created a unique cartoon, which features in the gift shop.

Sir David Attenborough has also visited and he made a film about the Wild Cattle of Chillingham, below is a short extract.

“This herd at Chillingham was penned in a great park during the 13th Century and has lived here ever since, with scarcely any interference from human beings.  The animals may well be very similar to those that wandered around the farms during Roman times. They are formidable animals, very different to the gentle Friesian of today.

One great bull rules the herd.  He mates with all the cows and fights every young male who challenges him.  Eventually, after two or three years, he will lose and surrender his place to a younger, more vigorous animal.”

David Attenborough

There have been several Royal visits over the years. His Majesty the King, when Prince of Wales, was kind enough to write the introduction to the book “Chillingham. Its cattle, castle and church.” You can find it on sale in the Visitor Pavilion.

The Park has attracted celebrities who come to film their TV shows. These include Freddie Flintoff, Robbie Coltrane, Robson Green and Si King. It has also featured on TV shows as diverse as Countryfile and The Antiques Road Trip.