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16th December 2015

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Wind! Have we had some wind?

There are a few trees down and some have landed on Twolegs’ tree shelters and those round things he put up with a number of trees in. Not that the trees are going to escape anyway but perhaps we could now wander in. I bet that would get him going!

We had a lot of rain before the wind but rather conveniently we did not have both at the same time. That would not have been much fun. Mind you the wind is a devil and we are inclined to sit it out somewhere sheltered. Grazing out in the open with the howling wind in your lugs is enough to put any beast off its food. We know it won’t last for long so what’s a day without much to eat? We make up for it later.

Most of us have moved up the park to where there is more grass. It is perhaps not as good as the stuff lower down but we seem to have scoffed that and anyway it is a bit wet down there compared to where we are now and we do like to have a dry lie.

The days are very short now and that old sun wants to buck its ideas up and do something useful – like shine a bit longer. Y’miserable yellow dollop!

Wylde of Chillingham

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