The Conservation Team


Ellie became the Warden at Chillingham back in 2016 when she moved north from Dorset, with her partner, Rick. They were married at Chillingham and reside in the Warden’s Cottage. When Ellie took time out to have their first child, Rick filled in as Warden. On her return to work, it made sense for them to share the role. They were later joined by Ellie’s sister, Denene, who shares the Warden role during the visitor season and looks after the Pavilion.

During the winter months, Ellie and Rick inspect the cattle on a daily basis. They will put out the hay during periods of bad weather and the lean period of late winter/early spring. Once we open for visitors, they and Denene will be leading the daily tours, hosting special tours and educational visits.


To ensure that there is always somebody on hand to greet our visitors, the Wardens are supported by Lara and Emma, one of whom will often be found in the Pavilion armed with a ready smile.