8th June 2015


They are bonkers you know this lot. Twolegs is no better, he has just spent a whole day carting this lot round OUR park in his bright red pick up which clashes with everything in OUR park. He had the other three with him, one of whom seemed to have a stick with a black and white snuffler (badger in case you had forgotten) stuck on the end of it. The other spent most of his time looking into a big black thing, I suppose he had dropped his lunch into it and was trying to locate it. The final one seemed to chat a bit and carry the clobber. By the end of the day the rain was falling and the wind was driving it sideways. We were off to find shelter. Some of the aunts are a bit short of hair at the moment as they have lost some winter coat and the next one is not very good yet. Every time we found shelter they decided that it was not good enough so off we went again followed by the eejits in the red thing.

Believe it or not they were back the next day and this time they had Longhair with them and Twolegs was taking the visitors round ( goodness knows what he will have told them – I bet he makes it all up). Any way they spent the day with Longhair, the black and white snuffler on the stick and the funny shaped lunchbox. Crackers the lot of em.


Wylde of Chillingham

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