27th May 2015


Twolegs has not been in the park much recently but we can see that he and various others are messing about with one of those long piles of stones. This time they are over at the other side of the park. I expect they still think the trees might take to their heels and hoof it over the skyline! The deer probably won’t approve of the obstacle in their way. The spotty deer are rotten jumpers but the white bums are much better and happily leap over Twolegs’ fences. The new and shiny long pile of stones are not going to stop them for long.

As you can see from the picture the funny digging thing that Twolegs has been using recently has come to grief, even I can see that. It looks as though its feet have fallen off. It spent a few days looking forlorn and then his nibs and a red headed specimen came and fiddled about for a while and reattached it’s feet and it proceeded to dig holes where I don’t suppose there was any need them.

It has warmed up a bit recently but the others say this has been a cool end of winter and beginning of summer. There is not a huge amount of grass yet and we are having to work for it. Not a lot of lying about with a full tummy chewing the cud and watching the days go by.

Most of the trees now have leaves on but the ones by the burns are still mostly bare which I don’t recall from last year but there again I was very very young then.




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