29th April 2015


Now this calf lark. That’s a calf all right, lying in the grass. Glorified hair ball, in my opinion compared to what I looked like at the same age. No doubt she will grow but calves these days aren’t what they used to be and I am definitely not a calf any more.

However I am not a full blown Chillingham bull yet, even I can see that but just you wait, I am getting there.

We have been basking in the sunshine for the last week though it has been cold at night and frosty in the mornings. Longhair is escorting the two legged lot round the park. Twolegs is messing about with those long piles of stones he and the other two seem to get excited about. They had better hurry up just in case the trees jump out of the ground and head for the hills!

We heard a cuckoo a few days ago. A few other birds that have not been around for a while have come back. Where they have been I have no idea. Perhaps they have been staying with Twolegsnahat where ever he is these days.


Wylde of Chillingham

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