9th April 2015


At last it is warming up. Those thin winds went right through us and some of the newest calves looked pretty miserable. Now the grass is starting to grow and some of the trees are starting to poke a few leaves out. I suppose the leaves have been hiding inside waiting for a bit of warm weather, all tucked up inside the tree, good idea.

The twolegged lot have arrived again and this time it is Longhair who is pointing at us. Twolegsnahat has definitely legged it, or been eaten. Longhair still has the remains of the dead sheep on her head. That might be like a dog rolling in something smelly. Longhair has taken it one step further and stuck it on her head!

Twolegs has been digging holes all over the place with a noisy machine, what a mess he makes. However we did chuckle the other day when he tried to step across the long hole he and the machine had dug, he tripped over his own spade and fell in the hole, what a clot.


Wylde ( and I am not sure about this calf bit anymore).

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