28th May 2014

I am getting quite independent now. Off playing with the cousins or lying around in the sun when it is not hiding behind a cloud, a bit like Twolegs and Twolegsnahat hiding in Noisytrundlything.  The water that falls from the sky I think makes everything grow and there is lots for Mum and the others to eat. I only nibble at bits and pieces. Some bits are very nice and others not so good. One bit had a lot of spikes on it and another stung my mouth! What’s the point of that?

The Black and White Snufflers have been back, digging little holes and pooing in them right where we want to play, what a horrible smell and what a cheek. I think we should chase them. The trouble is they just dive into the bushes where we can’t go. This might need a cunning plan.

For the last few days Twolegsnahat has been escorting his ever changing herd into OUR park and pointing at us and pointing his hoof at the trees, what on earth for?  While pointing he makes that funny noise of his and his herd goes ‘oooooo’  and ‘ahhh’. They really are on odd lot, the two legged lot.

Wylde  a karf

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