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21st May 2014



Well, I can tell you we have had even more of that flashing banging and crashing lark and a lot more water falling out of the sky. But it was warm and in a funny sort of way it was not too bad really. You see I am exceedingly brave and will be a very fierce bull one of these days. In fact my horns are already starting to grow, its just that you can’t see them.

We have been down to the lower part of the park for the last few days and you will not believe it but there are even more two legged ones than I had ever thought possible. They congregate like an untidy herd at this funny pile of stones with flat stones on top. They then come into OUR park following one that I can only describe as Twolegsnahat, he might have horns under the hat but they can’t be any thing to be proud of.

Any way he leads his motley herd into the park then they stop and Twolegsnahat makes funny noises and pokes his front leg at us and the rest of his herd listen to him and they make funny noises too. All very strange but they seem quite happy until one of the uncles happens to get a bit close then they clear off, in some disarray I might add. Apparently this only happens during the day and at night they must be hiding in some pile of stones somewhere else. Mum says it has been going on for years and she hardly notices them now. Personally I would like to chase them and see how fast they can run.

Wylde a carf

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