1st May 2014

Bit foggy here today no sun on my back but Mum made me follow her into the trees and I am lying on some really springy bracken and leaves which is so cosy.

We can look down the hill and I can see some of the others. Mum says we will go and meet them tomorrow, I can’t wait.

Not long ago Twolegs appeared again. Mum thinks he was looking for us as he looked at all the others but could not see us. We were not far away. Mum says he needs his eyes testing, what ever that means. We watched him until he went off making funny noises and shaking his horn less head, what a clot.

Mum’s milk is just wonderful I am getting stronger all the time and I could walk a lot further than She allows me to. I wonder if Twolegs ever had milk, probably not and that is why he can’t see us two white cattle watching him from the trees.

She has just told me She is going away for a while to eat some grass and I will have to lie flat on the bracken bed and wait for her to come back I tried to follow but She snorted at me and shook her horns I lay back down, pretty quickly too. She was cross……very confusing.

Wylde a carf at Chillingham


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