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28th April 2014


All very confusing.

Here I am lying on the ground soaking up some sun and some two legged thing comes and shoves some sort of clicking thing in my face. If my Mum catches you, Twolegs, there  will be trouble. She is very fierce and just happens to have popped off for something to eat.

Let me explain. I have just arrived here, in the dark from goodness only knows where.  ‘Here’ is Chillingham and I am the youngest of the Chillingham Wild Cattle and, of course, the most important.

Mum licked me all over, which was nice, and I remember having a drink of her milk, and that was even better. Since then I have been doing quite a lot of sleeping, a bit of drinking Mum’s milk, and a short walk or two, not far of course, that will come later.

I have seen a few of the others but Mum wants me out of the way for the time being.  I don’t know why but she is very wise and I DO wish she would not wander off and let Twolegs and his silly clicky thingy  get so close, and while we are at it, what happened to his horns? He looks ridiculous and I hope he clears off.

I am going back to sleep now , this sun is so nice on my back I can hardly keep my eyes open.

Wylde, a carf at Chillingham

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