5th May 2014

What a night! That was awful. Water pouring from the sky all night and then into the next day. It was cold too. My poor ears were so cold. I was curled up on the bracken not daring to move because when I did the cold water got past my coat and onto my skin, it was terrible.

Mum just stood there not moving, a fat lot of use She was.

Then to make things worse when it was as dark as dark the Black and White Snufflers came round. I was terrified. We could hear them grunting and squeaking away in the bushes and they got closer and closer. Mum was standing but I was lying down trying to be as flat as possible and one of them got so close in the dark it looked down at me and then sniffed me. I nearly died.

When the smelly brutes left Mum just said ‘Don’t worry about them’. Well she could have said that before they arrived not after. What a night but I don’t suppose the water can fall out of the sky again because it has all fallen out now.

Later the next day when the water stopped falling out of the sky. Mum took me to meet some of the others. That was a bit frightening too. They are huge. Some even bigger than Mum and great horns. There were uncles and aunts all over the place. In fact they were all uncles and aunts which, I suppose makes me their most important nephew. There were a few other calves but I could not get away from all the aunts and uncles who all wanted to sniff me. By the end of the day I felt I had been well sniffed and that, on top of the sniffing I got from the black and white snufflers.

Very confusing.

Wylde a well sniffed carfe at Chillingham

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