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15th May 2014



Just when I thought I was beginning to get the hang of things a new terrifying thing happened.

I was lying in the grass with the sun beating down and the sound of Mum and the others chewing away while they lay on the ground too. Then the sun disappeared and it got darker and darker and it was not ready to be night time.  Then there was this blinding flash and crash in the sky.  The others never moved but I – well the less said about that the better.  Then to make things much worse water came pouring out of the sky like you would not believe and there is me thinking there wasn’t any left to fall.  And that is not all; there were little hard bits in the water that bounced off Mum’s horns for goodness sake. What is going on?

Before all that Twolegs had been  in the park with a really strange thing. It was green with four black round legs that turned and moved it about. On the back of it there was a strange yellow thing that made a thumping noise and pushed bits of wood into the ground. What on earth for? He’s a strange one, Twolegs.

Wylde a carfe

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