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10th May 2014



At last I can escape from Mum and I have been meeting some of my cousins. I hope these two will play with me soon. They are always together and they should be jolly glad to have me playing with them. Surely it is better to have three rather than two.

I can run now and jump a bit. It is not as easy as it looks I have been head over hooves already and skinned my nose when the ground dropped when I was looking some where else. None of the others even looked up and that includes Mum. What she thought she was doing I have no idea. Perhaps she needs to learn how to be a proper Mum.

There must have been a bit of water left in the sky because a bit fell out yesterday but not much and I expect that is the end of it. The sun has been on my back again which is nice and the grass is growing all the time.

We saw a brown bushy tail yesterday, much nicer than the black and white snufflers it was moving through the park as though it was its own which was a bit of a cheek. When it came to a tree it stood on 3 legs which was a clever trick. I might just try it myself.

Wylde a carf

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