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Summer in the Park

Now that the solstice has passed and we head to July, it is full summer in the Park. The grass is growing and the cattle are grazing hard, laying down fat for the winter to come.

The cows, and bulls, are reaching peak condition and the next few months see peak mating activity. Although the cows calve all year round, March to June are the main months for calving, reflecting the summer mating period. This means that now visitors will see plenty of young calves, and very likely mating activity as well. This can be dramatic as the bulls fight for the right to mate.

If you are lucky, you may also see some Fallow Deer fawns. The Fallow in the Park tend to be very productive and twin fawns are not uncommon.

Meanwhile, the area around the new Visitor Pavilion continues to grow, although progress has been slow due to the recent very dry period. As each week goes by, so the new building seems to blend more into its surroundings.

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