Funny noises in the Park

Over the last week or so, we have had two strange noises in the Park, which are connected in a funny sort of way. The first was a necessary evil – the roar of chainsaws!

Harpsichord wood, as pictured above, had its centre blown out by Storm Arwen and local contractors have been in clearing the windblown trees, which were mostly Oak. The branches have been piled up and the area will be fenced ready to be replanted next winter.

The second strange noise is rather more gentle – the call of the Cuckoo, which is unmistakable. Not long ago, this call could be heard all over the local area. Now it quite rare to hear it but they do return to Chillingham Park every year.

The connection? The piles of branches in the picture may look untidy, but they will create a perfect habitat for many insects as the wood decays. This will provide a food source for woodland birds, which will hopefully nest nearby. They may not breed successfully because they may discover that they have reared a big, fat Cuckoo!

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