21st August 2015

A lot of things look very familiar now. I remember most of what is happening from last year when I was a particularly handsome calf. The flowers are back and all over the park. We could do without hose spiky brutes that get ones nose when I get too close.

I see the Bitter Yellow is just starting to flower. It does taste foul. I tried a bit when no one was looking and I could not get it out of my mouth fast enough – nearly shook my head off in the process.

Longhair must have something going for her, she has lots of visitors with her and they all seem happy. Mind you they probably were with Twolegsnahat, I just may not have noticed in my youth.

Twolegs has been cutting long grass and spiky brutes with his noisy spitty thing. Last year it made the grass good to eat after a few days so I hope he keeps doing it. Though he will probably break the thing by driving over a rock that everyone knows is there except him. There will be a great bang and everything stops, he gets out and the air turns blue – clever trick.

Wilde of Chillingham

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