31st July 2014

Well, we all thought Twolegsnahat had more sense but he is as daft as the other one.

He and Twolegs have been picking Bitter Yellows and taking it away. They must be mad – everyone knows that Bitter Yellows is bad. We never touch it.

If those two want something to eat why not eat the grass, there is plenty of it and it tastes great. Perhaps they could try a few leaves from the trees which they can reach easily but oh no they take the one thing that is bad

The only things that touch Bitter Yellows are the Buzzers and the Flutterbys and they are welcome to it. Some of the uncles thrash it with their horns but some of the uncles are always showing off and Mum says we are better to leave it alone.

It has cooled down a bit which is fine by us and there has been a bit of water falling out of the sky but not a lot. There is still water in most of the burns and it is nice to stand in occasionally to cool the hooves.

Wilde a calf.

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