20th July 2014

My goodness the water fell out of the sky the other day. More than I have ever seen before. We were soaked but it was warm and rather fun actually. Then it stopped and the sun came out and everything sparkled for a while.

There is lots of grass and I am eating a bit more of it now as I am getting quite big really and the old horns are coming on nicely, if I say so myself.

Old Twolegs has not been seen much lately, we don’t know where he is. Mum says he usually disappears about this time of year. Probably lost or eaten by that noisy thing he was in the last time we saw him. Serve him right too.

Do you know, when he and the noisy job trundled about eating the thistles a few days ago, we could not eat the grass after because it tasted of poo? The poo that was lying on the ground was spread all over the rest of the grass by the noisy spitting thing and it was not until the water had fallen out of the sky and washed over the grass that it was alright to eat again.

I hope he does not come back in with that thing again. Better he stays lost I say.

Wilde a calf

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