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Fungi Patrol!

With autumn now upon us, the fungi season is now in full swing. There has long been a policy of allowing fallen timber to remain in situ in the Park, so providing a great habitat for fungi and insects. This, coupled with 300 acres of low input grassland with low intensity grazing, provides a perfect habitat for fungi to thrive.

This year, the Wardens are undertaking a fungi survey so we have a better understanding of what fungi is present in the Park. So far, they have identified 19 different types of fungi and there are no doubt more to be found. The fungi depicted is Pholiota Squarrosa aka Shaggy Scalycap. There are many different types of Pholiota and they have found quite a few so far.

Autumn is a great time to be in the Park. The Wild Cattle are looking at their best. The fungi are flourishing. The leaves are turning and the Jays have arrived to feed on the acorns. The Fallow deer bucks have also returned for the rut and their bellowing, coupled with the noise of the bulls, adds to the primeval feeling of the Park.

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