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Our Friends from Ukraine

On Monday 8th August, we were delighted to welcome 52 displaced Ukrainians to the Chillingham Cattle Park. We were first asked to welcome 15 Ukrainians who had been settled in the Rothbury area. This contact came about via Kim Stewart who is one of the Pavilion team. They wished to view the cattle after visiting Chillingham Castle as guests of Sir Humphry Wakefield.

We were delighted to do so but thought that there may be more benefit for them if they were to meet some of their countrymen who had been settled along the coast. Phone calls were made and numbers swelled! It was very much a case of “more the merrier” and all our staff were keen to help.

Fortunately, it was a sunny evening and the large turn out were able to view the cattle safely in three different groups. Back at the Pavilion, they enjoyed some light refreshments and an excellent picnic provided by Carnaby’s. There was much chat and contact details exchanged and it seems we did our bit to help them settle in Northumberland.

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