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Given the all year round calving, small cow numbers and the size of the Park, seeing two similar aged calves suckling in close proximity is rather a rare sight. This situation came about in rather a strange way.

The calf on the left got hungry and confused. He thought that the cow on the right was its mother. He pursued her some distance trying to get a drink. She thought little of it and kept butting him away – a nasty business with those horns! Eventually, she got so fed up that she decided the only way to prove that she was not his mother was to seek out her own calf and let it suckle.

Her calf was some way off, and was pleased to see her but the other calf looked most dejected. Luckily, his mother realised that he had been led away and came bellowing across the Park. He quickly realised his mistake and got stuck in. All’s well that ends well.

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