2nd November 2015


We are seeing a bit more of another two legged one these days.  Shortlegs is sniffing about as though he is looking for somewhere to hide or has lost something. There is definitely something going on here. He (and he is definitely a he) because he was seen to pee like a he, could be trying to find out something. We shall just have to keep an eye on Shortlegs and perhaps chase him round a bit.

Twolegs has that digging device back in the park and is making even more of a mess than usual. He always goes for the wettest bits to dig his long holes in and  some are long, they go on and on. He then puts this long round snake like thing  in the hole and fills it in. Strangely the end is usually sticking into a ditch and water comes out the end of it. I bet he has not noticed. He seems quite happy in his funny little digging device and covered in mud. He must be a bit simple.

It is much cooler here now but there is lots of grass and we are getting thicker coats especially the aunts. The older uncle’s coats are much the same as usual. They seem to stay the same all year round.

There are not so many nosy beggars coming to look at us now and Longhair sometimes has no one to talk to. We think she looks knackered. It might be something to do with all that hair which is now down to her middle. She will probably trip over it soon.

Wylde of Chillingham


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