6th September 2015




Things have changed a bit round here recently. It is cooler and the trees are beginning to change colour a bit. Some of the bracken that Twoleggs has missed with that contraption of his – he is a rotten shot – is going brown or yellow. Not that we mind much. The bracken is only useful for the uncles to thrash with their horns. My horns are not quite long enough yet for bracken thrashing but when they are I’ll be right in there and I am sure there is a good reason for doing it but so far it, has eluded me. The aunts think it is a stupid thing to do but they would wouldn’t they?

The thin-legged lot are beginning to congregate at the top of the park and the older bucks with the crazy horns are joining them which is unusual. I wonder if there is going to be a bout of leapfrog up there. There was last year, I recall, but a bit later. Can’t think what they achieve by it. There again when the aunts and uncles are ‘at the leapfrog’ I really can’t think what they are getting out of it.

The sun is up to its tricks again – a bit slow to get up in the morning and quick to disappear too. You would have thought that if it had any manners it would make up for the late start with a late finish. Celestial oversight perhaps.

Wylde of Chillingham

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