1st July 2014

The thing to remember about being covered in your own mother’s poo is that it does come off after a while but I am going to watch out in future.

We had a bit of excitement the other day. There is a new calf and the young aunt, its mum, had left it not far from the pile of stones with the flat stones on top.

Along comes Twolegsnahat with his twolegged bunch and they had no idea that the new calf was lying in the grass behind them.

We were all in front of them. The aunt, who must be a bit dim suddenly thought that her precious calf was being eaten or something. She snorted and bellowed and set off as fast as she could to get back to her calf. You can imagine what the bunch did. They had to get out of the way. I bet some of them thought they were going to get skewered. Oh she was in a state she was.

That was a good day.

Wilde a calf ha!

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