Introducing you to the 2013 season


The 2013 season is about to start and we are looking forward to showing the Wild Cattle to as many people as possible. They have had a difficult winter following a miserable autumn and to be honest, last summer was not much to shout about. This year it is going to be different; the sun will shine and dust will be kicked up by the battling bulls instead of mud!

Richard Marsh, the warden, has had a winter of rest and is raring to go. His old hat has been dusted off in preparation for the sun’s onslaught. The Visitor Centre is spring cleaned and we have a few more treasures for you to buy. I would recommend the booklet, written by Professor Stephen Hall of Lincoln University and a trustee of the Chillingham Wild Cattle. It is a potted history of the Wild Cattle and their home over the centuries. There is also a rather unique fridge magnet. All monies raised by the sale of Cattle souvenirs in the Warden’s Hut go towards the purchase of hay for feeding to the Cattle next winter and after this shocker there won’t be much hay to carry over to next winter.

Today Richard and I watched a Tree Creeper working his way up an Ash tree, only five foot from us. A Green Woodpecker has been ‘yaffling’ already which is very early for these parts and the Red Squirrels are popping out occasionally. They are more likely to be seen by the visitors who come before the leaves are out. We seem to have more Roe Deer than usual and the Fallow Deer have spent more time in the park this year as the crops are so poor in the surrounding fields. I am sure you will have a memorable time here and if you buy the Joint Ticket to get into Chillingham Castle too then you can use their loos rather than our bushes which will save you from being eaten by a bear! (That bit might not be strictly true.)

Chris Leyland

Park Manager

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