5th December 2014

I must say a bit of sun goes a long way these days. It has been grey and wet. Not cold during the day but there was some funny crispy white stuff on the grass one morning which turned to water as the day went on, very strange.

We don’t mind it being a bit wet and colder as our coats have got thicker as the days have got shorter. Mind you the big bulls don’t have thicker coats for some  reason. Just as well considering the state they get themselves in, covered in mud for no good reason.

I’m not sure what Mum is doing these days. Me and some of the cousins are hanging out together which is fun. No bossy old cows digging us in the ribs but we have to watch the old uncles especially if they are on the leapfrog lark. I had a close shave with Uncle Lugless the other day. Is he grumpy or what?


Wylde the calf

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