15th December 2014

Twolegs is a strange one. For the last few days he has been dropping off a great big bundle of dry grass that he carries in to the park on the back of Noisytrundlything. When he first did it I thought the great clot had accidentally lost his load but it would seem it is all deliberate. Any way we ate it and it made a nice change to the frozen grass that has been in the park for the last few days. It was nice not to have a frozen hooter while eating for a change.

As you   can see the far hills where the sun goes down are covered in the white crispy stuff that fell here the other day then turned to water.

I must say the days are quite short and the nights long. The black and white snufflers are busy a lot of the night and we find there snuffle holes all over the place in the mornings. Sometimes they even poo in the holes which is quite clever.  We just let rip, not a lot of precision with us lot!


Wylde the calf

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