Open from 7th April 2019 to end October 2019

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Walk through haunted rooms searching for the ghosts: the Blue Boy, Lady Mary Berkeley and the Torturer.

Sometimes a frail white figure appears in the pantry and whispering is heard in King Edward’s Room. Spooky!

Chillingham has been maintained by the same family line for 800 years. Grey’s Monument in Newcastle and Earl Grey Tea commemorate them.


This fantastic 12th Century garrison castle takes you back to a time when its business was killing. See the armoury, cramped dungeon and gory torture chamber with its sloping floor (to drain the blood). Each room is filled with remarkable artefacts: guns, arctic sledges, tapestries, elephant armour, man traps and family memorabilia.

For any enquiries about ghosts or ghost tours, please call 01668 215 359.