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New additions to the Chillingham Herd!

By |2019-08-09T14:02:16+01:009th August 2019|News and Events|

Say hello to our new arrival at Chillingham Park! As you know, there has never been any new blood introduced to the herd for hundreds of years, so this little chap will get no further than the Visitor Centre. When you visit, Lara and Kim will be delighted to help you take home as many as you want. Who could [...]

16th December 2015

By |2016-02-26T14:33:26+00:0026th February 2016|Latest News|

Wind! Have we had some wind? There are a few trees down and some have landed on Twolegs’ tree shelters and those round things he put up with a number of trees in. Not that the trees are going to escape anyway but perhaps we could now wander in. I bet that would get him going! We had a lot [...]

1st December 2015

By |2015-12-01T13:22:24+00:001st December 2015|Latest News|

You are not going to believe this but the idiot Twolegs has taken the biscuit this time. He comes along with his noisy bits and pieces and proceeds to cut down a tree, he then gets it onto the flat bit of kit that he has behind the green thing and clears off. Well, it is usual, if you are [...]

23rd November 2015

By |2015-11-23T11:43:28+00:0023rd November 2015|Latest News|

Well the foggy stuff seems to have gone. Strange old business that lark, you can see the hills one moment the next you can’t even see the uncles having a fight. Mind you, you can hear the old horns clattering against each other and the snorting and a few other noises besides, some best not mentioned here. It is now [...]

9th November 2015

By |2015-11-09T15:45:34+00:009th November 2015|Latest News|

It’s quiet around here now. No Longhair and her swarm of visitors. I wonder why they stop coming. It happened last year when the days got shorter, in fact it was about the time when the days and night are as long as each other. The sun has got it right for a few days but we can tell already [...]

3rd November 2015

By |2015-11-02T17:47:58+00:002nd November 2015|Latest News|

You would think this old aunt had seen enough of calves. Poking her nose in when the calf’s mother is trying to get something to eat. This aunt has been around for ages, probably longer than any others. She has a shaggy face which I am told by the others is a dead giveaway that she won’t be around for [...]

2nd November 2015

By |2015-11-02T17:28:32+00:002nd November 2015|Latest News|

We are seeing a bit more of another two legged one these days.  Shortlegs is sniffing about as though he is looking for somewhere to hide or has lost something. There is definitely something going on here. He (and he is definitely a he) because he was seen to pee like a he, could be trying to find out something. [...]

31st October 2015

By |2015-10-31T16:17:01+00:0031st October 2015|Latest News|

More daftness from Twolegs. He was seen pointing that black thing of his at this thing which we all walk over, while standing up to his hocks in the water. You would think that at his age he would have better things to do than poke black things at piles of stones. We have not seen much of him recently, [...]

6th September 2015

By |2015-09-06T12:31:52+01:006th September 2015|Latest News|

    Things have changed a bit round here recently. It is cooler and the trees are beginning to change colour a bit. Some of the bracken that Twoleggs has missed with that contraption of his – he is a rotten shot – is going brown or yellow. Not that we mind much. The bracken is only useful for the [...]

29th August 2015

By |2015-08-29T08:49:43+01:0029th August 2015|Latest News|

Twolegs got such a fright the other day. He was wandering through one of the woods in the park. It was dense with young trees and quite dark. He had no idea that one of the uncles had taken up residence there to keep away from flies and, I expect, us lot.  Anyway the gormless clot wanders along and when [...]

24th August 2015

By |2015-08-24T17:49:25+01:0024th August 2015|Latest News|

  Longhair has been busy with her (and we all think Longhair is probably a she) ever changing herd of visitors. Some times there are just a few and other times lots. I was wondering if it is possible to differentiate between one, two and lots. It would be very helpful sometimes such as when one needs to know if [...]

21st August 2015

By |2015-08-21T17:48:22+01:0021st August 2015|Latest News|

A lot of things look very familiar now. I remember most of what is happening from last year when I was a particularly handsome calf. The flowers are back and all over the park. We could do without hose spiky brutes that get ones nose when I get too close. I see the Bitter Yellow is just starting to flower. [...]


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