Goodbye, old friend.

By |2018-04-23T16:57:13+01:0023rd April 2018|Latest News, News and Events|

Sadly, not everything at Chillingham survived the winter. Not long before Easter, one of the magnificent Noble Firs near the bottom car park, by the church, partially collapsed. There was not any obvious cause other than old age - we all collapse a bit as we get on! Given its location close to the car park, it had become a [...]

Tough Winter!

By |2018-04-23T16:02:38+01:0023rd April 2018|Latest News, News and Events|

This has been a tough winter for all those who look after livestock and it certainly has been for Ellie and Duncan! Just when they thought winter was over, along came the "Beast from the East", filling the roads and making life very difficult for everybody and everything. We had drifts over 2m deep and the windchill did not bear [...]

Woodland Work in the Park.

By |2017-07-05T15:25:41+01:005th July 2017|News and Events|

Recent visitors to our lovely Chillingham Park may have noticed some changes being undertaken. As the picture shows, we have been busy removing the Scots Pine and other conifers from the side of Ros Castle on the eastern boundary of the Park. To many, these conifers formed an unsightly fringe along the eastern skyline. Their removal should give a more [...]

Where not to Wall!

By |2017-04-11T08:01:12+01:0011th April 2017|Latest News, News and Events|

If I was going to build a dry stone wall, I would try and avoid building it straight across a peat bog. Our forefathers were clearly more talented and were not put off by small matters such as deep peat! The wall that forms the north eastern boundary of the Park, alongside Ammerside Woods, was constructed across a mire. Somehow, [...]


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