We are Going Very Good!

By |2020-08-19T17:44:56+01:0019th August 2020|Latest News, News and Events|

Warden Ellie conducting a tour of the Chillingham Wild Cattle in the historic Chillingham Park. We have now been open for just over a month in this frustrating summer of 2020 and have been delighted to welcome several hundred visitors to the Park and introduce them to the Cattle. In order to ensure that there are no more than 15 [...]


By |2020-06-12T12:22:08+01:0012th June 2020|Latest News, News and Events|

We are sorry to say that despite the easing of some of the COVID restrictions, the Chillingham Wild Cattle remain closed to visitors. The Park will stay closed after the 15th June, when Zoos and Safari Parks are able to welcome visitors. The hope is that restrictions will continue to ease so enabling us to welcome visitors again in early [...]

Three peas……..

By |2020-05-29T13:28:57+01:0029th May 2020|Latest News, News and Events|

Another fairly unusual picture from the Park: three even aged 2020 calves nicely grouped together, all enjoying the spring sunshine without bothersome grown ups. I wonder how big they will be by the time you get the chance to see them? Hopefully not too much bigger as the country does seem to be opening up now, with some outdoor attractions [...]


By |2020-04-22T15:29:32+01:0022nd April 2020|Latest News, News and Events|

Given the all year round calving, small cow numbers and the size of the Park, seeing two similar aged calves suckling in close proximity is rather a rare sight. This situation came about in rather a strange way. The calf on the left got hungry and confused. He thought that the cow on the right was its mother. He pursued [...]


By |2020-02-26T17:28:33+00:0026th February 2020|Latest News, News and Events|

Don't worry, we haven't gone all cowboy and been burning markings onto our cattle, but we have branded our Land Rover in preparation for the new season. We will be open again on 1st April when we will again be welcoming visitors to the Park and running tours to see the Wild Cattle in their ancient Park. This year, we [...]

Open until 3rd November

By |2019-10-23T15:07:26+01:0023rd October 2019|Latest News, News and Events|

Yes, the Chillingham Cattle Park is open to visitors until Sunday 3rd November, so do fit it into your half term schedule. Autumn is a wonderful season in the Park, where the colours really stand out. The bracken has now died back, cloaking the hillsides in bronze, which only serves to highlight the stunning colours of the beech, larch, oak [...]

Wild Cattle Review

By |2019-08-09T14:09:45+01:009th August 2019|News and Events|

Thank you to the Northern Echo for including us in its list of attractions for families to visit this summer. It wrote a very nice review of the visit: "Young ones will, however, love to visit the rare Chillingham Cattle on the site next to the castle. We were taken to visit the herd of around 100 in the back [...]

New additions to the Chillingham Herd!

By |2019-08-09T14:02:16+01:009th August 2019|News and Events|

Say hello to our new arrival at Chillingham Park! As you know, there has never been any new blood introduced to the herd for hundreds of years, so this little chap will get no further than the Visitor Centre. When you visit, Lara and Kim will be delighted to help you take home as many as you want. Who could [...]

First Bull Calf of 2018!

By |2018-05-02T16:01:48+01:002nd May 2018|Latest News, News and Events|

All together now - aaaaaargh, isnt it sweet? Yes, the first bull calf of the year has recently been born in the Park, all white fluff and little black bits. He is doing well, as is his Mum. By the time you visit, he should be skipping about amongst his older relatives. Who knows, but one day, in a good [...]

New Tree Planting

By |2018-05-02T15:55:47+01:002nd May 2018|Latest News, News and Events|

Jobs a good un! The new tree planting and the replanting of the clearfell woodland sites has now been completed. All the broadleaves have been planted in 1.2m tree shelters. These create a micro climate for the young trees and encourage rapid early growth. They also make it much easier to weed the young trees and protect them from grazing [...]


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