Special Walking Tour with Prof Stephen Hall 3.15pm 19th July




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Embark on an unforgettable adventure into the heart of Chillingham Park and walk in the footsteps of the Wild Cattle themselves. Guided by the unparalleled expert knowledge of Professor Stephen Hall, you will uncover the secrets of this ancient landscape and gain unique insights into it’s fascinating inhabitants. Your journey takes you across tranquil meadows and lush woodlands, immersing you in the natural beauty and rich history of the area.

Professor Hall has been involved with the Cattle and the Park ever since he completed his Phd in the Park in the 1970s! There really is nobody that knows more about the Park, its ecology and its Cattle than Prof Hall.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to be part of a small group getting up-close with these incredible creatures.

Everyone meets at the Visitor Pavilion and then the tour departs at 3.15pm. Depending upon the events of the day you will return to the Pavilion at approximately 5.30pm.

The walk includes some of the steeper and more challenging areas of the landscape so expect rough and uneven terrain in parts. We recommend that you wear supportive walking boots and weather-appropriate outdoor clothing. Binoculars and/or camera are a desirable addition if you have them. Past tours have witnessed rarely-observed cattle behaviour, including the birth of a calf!