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Ghost History

Chillingham Castle – The Killing Machine

The Castle remains as it was hundreds of years ago. If you dare enter the dungeons, you’ll find prisoners’ scratches on the walls, marking off their days, probably their last.

After having their limbs smashed, prisoners were hurled down a 20ft hole. There they were left with other rotting victims. If you have the nerve to look down the hole, you might see a ghost of the remains of a young girl looking back up at you.

The tour visits the Pink Room, where The Blue Boy’s ghost wails in agony and terror as he hovers over the four poster bed. During renovation work, the boy’s bones and the remains of his blue clothes were recently discovered in a ten-foot wall nearby.


You can feel the chill of Lady Mary’s ghost as she wanders the corridors, searching for her husband. He had abandoned his wife and their daughter for Lady Mary’s own sister.

John Sage, the famous torturer at the castle, haunts his chamber. Although you will be able to escape this castle, of the people that entered in mediaeval times, only 3% came out alive.

For many, this grim room would have been the last they laid eyes on. Sage, who was injured in battle was left to devise the most gruesome, grisly and ghastly implements to extract secrets from the prisoners. However, Sage managed to suffer an equally horrific death. As he was hanged, crowds of people cut body parts from Sage for souvenirs: toes, ears, and even his testicles. His ghost has been reported several times by staff and visitors, wandering around the castle and in the chamber.