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New arrivals at Chillingham

By |2023-07-30T08:36:42+01:0030th July 2023|Latest News, News and Events|

We are delighted that a pair of Swallows found our Pavilion to their liking and are now busy rearing four chicks. Our visitors dont seem to bother them one bit, with both parents busily swooping in and out with food for their chicks. Sadly, returning swallow numbers seem to have declined over the last few years so it is particularly [...]

First School Visit!

By |2023-07-19T11:40:12+01:0019th July 2023|Latest News, News and Events|

This July, we welcomed Ford School to Chillingham Park. The 45 children, and their teachers, learnt all about the inhabitants of the Park as well as finding out how to identify various plants and trees. This was the first time that we have been able to host a school party on an educational visit. Our new Visitor Pavilion contains the [...]

New Stock in the Shop

By |2023-06-06T17:29:43+01:006th June 2023|Latest News, News and Events|

Here at Chillingham, we do like to offer our visitors some quirky items in our new Pavilion. We have just added these rather nice children's soaps to our range. They are locally made and each soap contains a fun creepy-crawly. Although perhaps not completely identical, each one in the range can relate to creepy-crawlies that live in the Park. Yes, [...]

Special Tours for 2023.

By |2023-05-02T17:13:19+01:002nd May 2023|Latest News, News and Events|

We can now offer specialist Photography Tours. These tours are by arrangement with the Warden as Ellie or Rick will take you right in amongst the cattle in our Polaris Ranger. It can accommodate two guests and the tour costs £100. Out of hours, or out of season, we can take up to 5 photographers on tour (£50 a head) [...]

Fight to the Death!

By |2023-04-08T10:45:19+01:008th April 2023|Latest News, News and Events|

The Chillingham Bulls do fight on a regular basis and there are historic accounts of them fighting to the death. In more recent times, quite a few deaths have been attributed to fighting due to the visible injuries, but no such event has been witnessed - until now. On the 7th April, the Park Manager was approaching two bulls at [...]


By |2023-02-28T16:55:18+00:0028th February 2023|Latest News, News and Events|

This spring, the Warden has been busy planting 70 new trees within the Park. The planting was done to commemorate the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. 50 oak and 20 beech were planted in very fine metal guards to protect them from the Wild Cattle and the Fallow Deer. The guards are firmly staked but time will tell if the [...]


By |2023-01-28T10:01:43+00:0028th January 2023|Latest News, News and Events|

Back in November, Robson Green and Si King, he of the Hairy Bikers, spent a morning filming the Chillingham Wild Cattle in their magnificent Park. They were filming for Robson's new series: "Robson Green's Weekend Escapes." In each episode, Robson and a celebrity guest, spend a weekend seeing and doing the less usual things in the North East. The series [...]

Fungi Patrol!

By |2022-10-13T12:42:54+01:0013th October 2022|Latest News, News and Events|

With autumn now upon us, the fungi season is now in full swing. There has long been a policy of allowing fallen timber to remain in situ in the Park, so providing a great habitat for fungi and insects. This, coupled with 300 acres of low input grassland with low intensity grazing, provides a perfect habitat for fungi to thrive. [...]

Park closed 19th September to respect the funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II

By |2022-09-11T12:07:05+01:0011th September 2022|Latest News, News and Events|

The Chillingham Wild Cattle Association is deeply saddened by the news of the death of Her Majesty The Queen. We could not do justice in words how much The Queen has meant to people in this country and around the world.  Her Majesty's leadership and integrity have been sources of pride and inspiration for generations of people throughout the world. [...]


By |2022-09-02T08:44:46+01:002nd September 2022|Latest News, News and Events|

Please be aware that the road immediately to the south of Chillingham is due to be closed for roadworks for 3 days in early September. If you are coming to see us from the Alnwick/Eglingham direction, please be aware that you may need to take a short diversion to reach Chillingham, so please do allow a few more minutes. We [...]


By |2022-08-30T16:59:31+01:0030th August 2022|Latest News, News and Events|

We are always keen to welcome researchers to Chillingham Park and it is used for research projects on an almost continuous basis. The most recent project was carried out by Newcastle University and was looking into agro-forestry. Depicted is a sensor, which measured wind speed, temperature and a few other things too! They were placed in the open and in [...]


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