Open from 7th April 2019 to end October 2019

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New Additions


Five new calves have arrived so far this year. It is proof of their toughness that only one has succumbed to the weather, which has been foul this winter. At last there are signs of improvement in the weather but we are still feeding hay. Normally the cattle stop eating hay in mid-March when a […]

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What to wear


When you’re visiting the wild cattle, bear in mind that they live outdoors; they are truly wild. Even the weather man never really knows what the weather’s going to do. Sensible footwear is a good idea; wellies walking boots or just some ordinary trainers will do. Bring along; a lightweight waterproof, a hat, and remember […]

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Herd Numbers


After a relatively mild winter and a warm spring, herd numbers are now stable at around 100 head of Chillingham Wild Cattle. Good quality hay was made available to the Chillingham Wild Cattle from December through to February. Having much less snow this past winter made it easier for our Park Manager to deliver the […]

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