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28th May 2014

  I am getting quite independent now. Off playing with the cousins or lying around in the sun when it is not hiding behind a cloud, a bit like Twolegs and Twolegsnahat hiding in Noisytrundlything.  The water that falls from the sky I think makes everything grow and there is lots for Mum and the […]

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21st May 2014

  Well, I can tell you we have had even more of that flashing banging and crashing lark and a lot more water falling out of the sky. But it was warm and in a funny sort of way it was not too bad really. You see I am exceedingly brave and will be a […]

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15th May 2014

  Just when I thought I was beginning to get the hang of things a new terrifying thing happened. I was lying in the grass with the sun beating down and the sound of Mum and the others chewing away while they lay on the ground too. Then the sun disappeared and it got darker […]

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10th May 2014

  At last I can escape from Mum and I have been meeting some of my cousins. I hope these two will play with me soon. They are always together and they should be jolly glad to have me playing with them. Surely it is better to have three rather than two. I can run […]

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