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26th January 2016


If you want to know what we look like after 6 days of incessant rain see the picture. That was no joke. OK there is still plenty of grass here and Shortlegs bought out some hay but that was a miserable time. To make it really horrid the wind was out of an unusual direction […]

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Robson Green


The actor explores some of the region’s greatest natural wonders. When visiting Chillingham, he encounters one of the world’s oldest breeds of cattle, which, he finds out, is also one of the most dangerous. The Chillingham cattle tell us as much about our past as Bamburgh Castle and Hadrian’s Wall, and we need to treat […]

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The park is now open


Chillingham Park is delighted to be open to welcome visitors to The Wild Cattle of Chillingham from Monday 30th March 2015. After a relatively cold winter, the herd continues to flourish. Our new warden, Ellie Crossley, is on hand to tell visitors the story of this unique herd of wild cattle, how they fight, sometimes […]

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