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10th May 2014

  At last I can escape from Mum and I have been meeting some of my cousins. I hope these two will play with me soon. They are always together and they should be jolly glad to have me playing with them. Surely it is better to have three rather than two. I can run […]

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5th May 2014

  What a night! That was awful. Water pouring from the sky all night and then into the next day. It was cold too. My poor ears were so cold. I was curled up on the bracken not daring to move because when I did the cold water got past my coat and onto my […]

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1st May 2014

  Bit foggy here today no sun on my back but Mum made me follow her into the trees and I am lying on some really springy bracken and leaves which is so cosy. We can look down the hill and I can see some of the others. Mum says we will go and meet […]

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28th April 2014

All very confusing. Here I am lying on the ground soaking up some sun and some two legged thing comes and shoves some sort of clicking thing in my face. If my Mum catches you, Twolegs, thereĀ  will be trouble. She is very fierce and just happens to have popped off for something to eat. […]

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