50 oak and 20 beech were planted in very fine metal guards to protect them from the Wild Cattle and the Fallow Deer. The guards are firmly staked but time will tell if the cattle favour them a scratching posts! The guards are not treated or painted so should rust gently into the landscape.

The planting was designed to provide successors to some of the old trees in the Park, most of which will have been planted during the 1790 re-design. From the first edition Ordnance Survey maps, which were produced in 1860, it can be seen that some trees have disappeared ages ago, and these have been replaced. It has also enabled us to replace some trees that were lost to Storm Arwen.

We now hope for a wet summer, or at least not as dry as last year, in order for the trees to get established. This planting project was made possible by funding from the Great Northumberland Forest.

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