Grass, Grass Everywhere

This summer has been very good for growing grass. Regular showers and some heat has meant steady growth across the Park for the whole of the summer.

This allowed us to “shut off” the old Hay Field on the northern edge of the Park. There was plenty of grass in the main Park to keep the Cattle and Deer happy. In days gone by, the Hay Field was used in this way, and the resultant hay used to feed the Cattle in the winter. This has not been done for quite a few years as there was no longer the machinery on site and using contractors invariable coincided with poor weather and resulted in poor quality hay. We had to buy in all our winter feed requirements.

Duncan, our new Park Manager, farms very close by so is able to use his equipment to make the hay. Strictly speaking it is “haylage” rather than hay. The grass is semi dried, made into big bales and then wrapped. Hope they like it!

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