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Chillingham Wild Cattle Blog

23rd November 2015


Well the foggy stuff seems to have gone. Strange old business that lark, you can see the hills one moment the next you can’t even see the uncles having a fight. Mind you, you can hear the old horns clattering against each other and the snorting and a few other noises besides, some best not […]

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9th November 2015


It’s quiet around here now. No Longhair and her swarm of visitors. I wonder why they stop coming. It happened last year when the days got shorter, in fact it was about the time when the days and night are as long as each other. The sun has got it right for a few days […]

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3rd November 2015


You would think this old aunt had seen enough of calves. Poking her nose in when the calf’s mother is trying to get something to eat. This aunt has been around for ages, probably longer than any others. She has a shaggy face which I am told by the others is a dead giveaway that […]

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2nd November 2015


We are seeing a bit more of another two legged one these days.  Shortlegs is sniffing about as though he is looking for somewhere to hide or has lost something. There is definitely something going on here. He (and he is definitely a he) because he was seen to pee like a he, could be […]

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