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Chillingham Wild Cattle Blog

15th June 2014

You are not going to believe this but Mum has been playing Leapfrog!  For goodness sake what is going on? I have had no milk all day and when I last tried to get some one of the Uncles nearly stood on me and not so much as a glance in my direction. I am […]

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6th June 2014

  This is the life. Sun every day, a shower of water out of the sky now and then and not a sight of Twolegs though there is a funny thing at the top of the park digging holes  and making a noise but as it is so nice down here  we can’t be bothered […]

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1st June 2014

Twolegsnahat has been busy with his herd of twolegged ones.  They are strange with that stuff they cover themselves in; all wrapped up like the bark on a tree. They even seem to have wrapped up their tails. How stupid is that?  One of the cousins said they might not even have tails, ridiculous, even […]

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28th May 2014

  I am getting quite independent now. Off playing with the cousins or lying around in the sun when it is not hiding behind a cloud, a bit like Twolegs and Twolegsnahat hiding in Noisytrundlything.  The water that falls from the sky I think makes everything grow and there is lots for Mum and the […]

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