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28th April 2014

All very confusing. Here I am lying on the ground soaking up some sun and some two legged thing comes and shoves some sort of clicking thing in my face. If my Mum catches you, Twolegs, thereĀ  will be trouble. She is very fierce and just happens to have popped off for something to eat. […]

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Autumn Update


The schools have gone back and a different sort of person has appeared at Chillingham. These are the connoisseurs of the British countryside. They understand that September and October are the best times to see the country. It is the season of “mists and mellow fruitfulness”, nature’s bounty is at its peak. The heat from […]

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New Additions


Five new calves have arrived so far this year. It is proof of their toughness that only one has succumbed to the weather, which has been foul this winter. At last there are signs of improvement in the weather but we are still feeding hay. Normally the cattle stop eating hay in mid-March when a […]

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