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Author Archive | Chillingham Wild Cattle

16th December 2015

Wind! Have we had some wind? There are a few trees down and some have landed on Twolegs’ tree shelters and those round things he put up with a number of trees in. Not that the trees are going to escape anyway but perhaps we could now wander in. I bet that would get him […]

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1st December 2015


You are not going to believe this but the idiot Twolegs has taken the biscuit this time. He comes along with his noisy bits and pieces and proceeds to cut down a tree, he then gets it onto the flat bit of kit that he has behind the green thing and clears off. Well, it […]

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23rd November 2015


Well the foggy stuff seems to have gone. Strange old business that lark, you can see the hills one moment the next you can’t even see the uncles having a fight. Mind you, you can hear the old horns clattering against each other and the snorting and a few other noises besides, some best not […]

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9th November 2015


It’s quiet around here now. No Longhair and her swarm of visitors. I wonder why they stop coming. It happened last year when the days got shorter, in fact it was about the time when the days and night are as long as each other. The sun has got it right for a few days […]

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